Minggu, 21 Februari 2016


          Something that significally affect the world. What precisely is that? The answer is Education. The word of "Education" can be a parameter, to decide, is it the world that we've been living now has reached the best of it? It is something that really important and determine a culmination of succeness of the world. Education is very a crusial thing, because without knowledge, we are all nothing. To understand how the world constructs its meganess, how the world run and take care all of the burden, and how the world survive for this dozen of century, there is no option for us, except to learn deeper about the world with its ease and all affliction.
          Because, there is no doubt anymore that education is that matter, it is our duty to create a better world by ensure the new generation of our has accept the best education that they could get. A good education, is a well-structured system that can be a trigger for every man-kind to develop their passion, their talent and their imagination. In a good education, it is important to have a nice relationship between student with his friends, his teacher, and his parents. But, regard from that, a good education need to make the student close with his God. And then, another issue is that, giving a pressure. That is obviously, the most hot-topic in student circle that not very popular. But, somehow, it is a good practice for them, because without pressure, there will be no a  motion to push them do something great. But, it's need to be noted, still, something that too much, isn't a good idea in any circumstances.
          Unfortunately, what we are facing right now, is far away from our hope. Education didn't run well as we planned. There is none connection between student with other components. Just a "close" relation with his friends. Don't get me wrong, it's good, if student can place themselves in a proper ways, but the fact, that a lot of students has fallen into the "Dark side". If that things always happen without control and we let that thing keep growing, it will gone stronger and indelible. It's going to be hard for us to make the situation back on track. And then, nowadays, students was forced to possess every subjects in school. Every teacher, want their student to be the master in their field. That's quite impossible and that is not how it should be. Students are going to be stressed out and a creative process will be hampered. Instead, we can aim one main goal, and expand it further more. For addition, I see the pretension in student is decreased by the time. For what possible reason? There are many of them, like there is no support from surrounding, the facility that provided is not good enough, or maybe the student have kind of lost and don't know what direction that they have to take.
          Maybe, our eduaction has gone wrong way too far. Nonetheless, it is not a reason for us to give up and surrender to the reality right now. Ideal education is something that we could still get. How? First, an idle habits need to be gone. Second, people need to reward on something like tenacity and process, not just based on result. Third, presistence and willing to build a better future is also needed. That is one of requisite that we have to accomplish. If everything has work as what they need to be, a compability will be reached. What I always holding on is, it is better for us to be late than nothing. It is not our time to wave the white flag. But, this is our time to revolt against foolish, to give a last effort in term of knack and preserve the galaxy. My last word will be, fight and find relief, then you will end all pain. 

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